First appointment in the clinic

New patient

If you have not been a patient at the clinic before, you need to make a phone call to the clinic in the telephone opening hours. We will register your personal identification number, mobile number and your e-mail.

Please print and fill out our welcome scheme before arriving. Find it here

We will use your mobile number to sent you a message 2 days before your next appointment in the clinic. If you can not come to your appointment, then we hope you will make a cancellation as quick as possible. For more information look at cancellations.

Test results

You can receive your test results at email or over the phone. You need to talk with the secretary in order to arrange how you will receive your test results. We will try to give your test results back as soon as possible, but it is your own responsibility to make sure you get them.


Group 1 patients

You need to get a referral from your own doctor. The referral can be sent electronic or you need to bring it along. The treament has to be started within 6 months from the referrals emission and is valid for 6 consultations – where telephone and email consultation each counts as 1/3 consultation.  If the treatment extends over 6 consultations it requires a new referral. There is no charge on consultations and treatments. Some conditions is observed as chronically, and therefor do not need a new referral.


Group 2 patients

You can freely seek treatment in the clinic.  There is self-payment for group 2 patients. You can pay in cash or at a payment slip which is handed out in the clinic.


Health Insurance

You can be examed and treated by Health Insurance, if you or your employer has take out a subscription for health insurance. The guideline depends on the specific insurance company. Therefor you will need to talk with the insurance company in order to receive information about when the exam and treatment can take place.



Even though your are not a group 1 or 2 patient, you can choose to be examed and treated in the clinic. You just need to pay by your self. Contacts us for prices and so on.

Foreign patients
Foreign patients will need to pay for the examination and treatment, unless you have a danish social security number. Cash or bank transferral are optional.
Credit cards are not accepted.