Pratical information

Booking an appointment

The telephone hours are from 8.30 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. from monday to thursday. It can be difficult to reach us at the phone, as we often are busy. If you call after working hours or the telephone is engaged, you will get the answering machine. You are more than welcome to reach us on email by pressing contact in the menu above (Remember to write your CPR- and telephone number). Then we will try to contact you as soon as possible.

Remember to sent a cancellation if you can not come to your appointment. Otherwise we will have to charge you for a certain amount.

Waiting hours

The waiting hours depends on the issue the patient has. If we have any suspicion about a malign disease, we offer an appointment within 48 hours. If it is about a bleeding in the early pregnancy we will offer an appointment not later than the day after we are contacted. The same is valid for early abortion.

In other circumstances you will experience extended waiting hours.


Test results

We prefer to sent test results on , but if you wish to get the results by the phone, it will be arranged at the consultation.


Other practical information

We send prescriptions online, to make it possible for you to pick up your medicine at any pharmacy.

We send a electronic letter for your doctor, generally after the last consultation or as needed. Let us know if you have any specific wishes in order to how we keep your doctor informed.

When you arrive in the clinic there can be some waiting time. This is caused by patients in acute pain. Therefor we recommend you to allow time for this.

Closing days

In the future time we are closed following days

7.juli – 31. juli 2012
13. oktober – 21. oktober 2012